An ongoing Sound (Street) Art project aimed at hacking an existing soundscape to create a new one. Sound devices with pre recorded sounds are left randomly in public spaces all around the world.

A sonic tag for curious ears.

“Rio Napo flows from Cotopaxi volcano to Amazon river. A 668 miles long sine wave which has inspired this composition where slow sine waves flow along with the river itself.” Part of the Music for Sleep project by Cities and Memory  

Sonic environment of the puppet theatre play by Manœuvres. Premiered at La Nef (Pantin – France) in 2023.

“A visual poem for ocean lovers. An ode to surfing, through the eyes of Jo’, a young sportswoman and her wave sisters.”
Marine Midy



Sonic environment of the puppet theatre play by Automne 2085. Premiered in 2022 at Les Giboulées (Strasbourg – France). Live performance along with Mo’ong Santoso Pribadi.

“Because in each story there are fragments of an ancient story, that of another, that of the painter, the musician, the poet, mine or yours. Gaung draws these stories, that of the painter and his fetish model, that of the radical and absolute disappearance of the loved one, that of the ultimate fracture of oneself and its reconstruction.
Gaung leaves to be discerned, to be perceived, to be felt: without narrative framework, without understandable fable, without composed chronology,
opening to the spectator the vast paths of uncertainty, suggesting an oblique, moving glance, the exaltation of the moment. The painter’s studio is however there. The painter is there. He paints, obviously. Mamoma is also there, perhaps occupied with other things, with other visions of itself, searching for its multiple personalities inscribed, placed on its wooden frame.
The musicians: they are there too, sitting down. Their music is haunting, incantatory. No doubt they are not alone, sitting there, creating and conducting the vibratory amplifications of distant sounds”.
Arnaud Labbé Delicata

Sonic environment of the puppet theatre play by Manœuvres. Premiered at Usine Hollander (Choisy-Le-Roy – France) in 2019.

“Inspired by oceanographic explorations and ocean mythology, Aquavitae offers a dreamlike portrait of the ocean on stage. Through an underwater walk where visual and sound poetry unfolds, this work offers to enrich our views and points of view on this aquatic world endangered by human activities.”
Marine Midy

A/V performance with gamelan and shadow puppets along with with Mo’ong Santoso Pribadi.

“Once upon a time, there was a kingdom rich of natural resources. Its soil was fertile, its sea was wide. Nevertheless, the widespread poverty of its people didn’t represent its wealth at all since the greedy king exploited all the resources for his own benefit. Corruption, tax raising, kingdom’s asset selling and all policies being made had only one aim, increasing king’s wealth.”

Sonic environment of the puppet theatre play by Automne 2085. Premiered at LIP – French Institute (Yogyakarta – Indonesia). Live performance.

A/V project in cooperation with Jean-Paul Sartre, Pier Paolo Pasolini, John Cage and Igor Stravinskij. They meet on the screen to discuss about the influences of mass media in contemporary culture.
Their voices become living material to sculpt and mix in a dense cloud of noises and ambient recordings. The video discourse, which develops in parallel, is also living matter, light to be manipulated, decomposed and rethought.

Premiered at LPM – Live Performers Meeting (Rome – Italy).

Early sonic experiments. Field research for the academic project: Noise – A new Manifesto.