Sine carves sonic waves.

Unconstant, unmelodic.

Freezed yet melting.

Davide Grosso aka SINE was born somewhere in between Mount Etna’s fierce eruptions and Mediterranean Sea’s gently waves.

He has been working with raw sound material and exploring the boundaries of musique concrète while writing his BA thesis, Noise—Manifesto for a new musical futurism.          

Eventually, he became fascinated with ethnomusicology, sound anthropology, and soundscapes. Furthermore, he conducted field research on the relationship between music-making, politics, and religion on the Indonesian island of Madura.

His artistic and academic research explores sounds, voices, and noises. These elements consist of raw materials that are questioned, solicited, and sculpted.

An alchemy made of magnetic tapes, analog synthesizers, and field recordings, which create aerial textures, amplified details, and sonic grains. The result coming from this process is the genesis of an intimate universe, where the materiality of sound occupies the center of the stage.

Ultimately, Sine’s artistic approach is rooted in what he describes as “carving sound waves”. He refers to listening, capturing the sonic soul of moments and places, and reframing them, to create new places and meanings often described by the audience as a pure dive into the sonic realm.

He experiments in various fields: from radio to theatre to sound art.

With his various projects, he has performed internationally, composed for theatre companies, and produced art installations.